Preparation time: fifteen mins

Cooking time: fourteen mins

Servings: four



two tbsps coconut oil, split

two medium garlic pieces, crushed

one lb. beef sirloin steak, sliced into fine strips

Salt, as required

quarter teacup chicken broth

two tsps fresh ginger, grated

one tbsp ground flax seeds

half tsp red pepper flakes, crushed

quarter tsp freshly ground black pepper

one big carrot, skinned and cut finely

two teacups broccoli florets

one medium scallion, cut finely



Put one tbsp of oil into a griddle and warm it over medium-high temp. Put garlic and sauté almost one min.

Include the ground beef along with the salt, and continue to cook for almost four-five mins, or until the steak has browned.

Place the meat inside a container by using a slotted spoon to do the transfer. Take out any liquid that may have accumulated in the pan.

In a dish, combine the broth, the ginger, the flax seeds, the crushed red pepper, and the ground black pepper, then stir well.

Put the residual oil in the griddle and warm it over medium-low temp. Put the carrot, broccoli, and ginger mixture into the pan, and then heat for almost three to four mins, or until the vegetables are cooked to the appropriate degree.

Combine the beef and scallion, and then proceed to cook for approximately three to four mins.

Per serving: Calories: 412kcal; Protein: 35g; Carbs: 28g; Fat: 13g



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