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How Managers Can Reduce Violence In The Workplace

There are times that you might be feeling very uncomfortable to work or feel settled at your workplace due to constant threats or harassment from your boss or other workmates. When we talk about violence, and it does not mean that you have to be physically abused to have any relevance but also verbal and emotional abuse is categorized the same. Violence is a common occurrence in organizations that are caused by different factors, and the management needs to find ways of handling it. You need to understand that such cases as violence at work involve even the customer or client who is aggressive or is not contented with the services rendered. No matter the form of violence experienced at the workplace, it will always pose a threat to the success and effective operation of the company. If there are policies and rules concerning the work ethics in any organization such cases as violence among employees will never be witnessed. Finding the positive way to get rid of the violence needs to sort out.

It is essential that the management of an organization to develop a policy that does not tolerate violence in the workplace. When the management allows such practices to happen, there are possibilities of things escalating to worst, and this is why there is a need to have policies that will take care of such cases. The position of the management on violent cases will define how comfortable the employee will be and in the end determine productivity level. The best way to mitigate the violent behaviors, is by ensuring that the policies are followed in the best way possible and well as the prosecution of the perpetrators be known to everyone. Violence in workplaces does not emerge out of anywhere but due to some factors that need to be identified and be dealt with in the shorted time possible. The factors could include increased stress levels, lack of adequate training and management laxity to implement appropriate disciplinary actions.

Employees do play an important role went it comes to mitigating workplace violence by including security measures. Through safety training and awareness on the unacceptable behaviors within the company and part of the employees ethic, the execution of the penalties to the perpetrators will serve as the best examples. During the training such factors as violence recognition and communication strategies need to be addressed as they are very essential in the mitigation process. In order to be successful with the fight against workplace violence, the management should clearly define what should be done in the department levels towards goal achievement. It is recommended that one keeps track of the violence prevention plan and determine its effectiveness in the organization.

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